Changes to the compatibility clearomiser

We here at blu always trying to improve our products, not only to provide a better vaping experience but also to ensure that we meet all current industry and future regulations.clearomiser-1

That’s why we created a new version of the second generation Blu PRO vape relx e-cigarette, which has a number of improvements, including a larger capacity battery and a series of under the hood changes to the way the work of the unit.


These technical differences mean new clearomisers for our upcoming second-generation Blu PRO ™ relx pod e-cigarette will not be compatible with existing first-generation units. If you try to join a second-generation clearomiser a first-generation blu PRO ™ kit you will find the clearomiser can not be attached to the battery.


Currently, the new second-generation Blu PRO ™airistech nokiva e-cigarette and clearomisers sold in a white package, exclusively available on our online store, while the first generation blu PRO ™ kit and clearomisers are available for sale in the points sales in the UK.

clearomiser-2blu customers through various channels should be aware of the differences incompatibility between the first and second generation clearomisers and different blu PRO ™ kits, and where applicable, verify that the clearomiser corresponds to the airistech vaporizer kit you bought. First-generation clearomisers are provided in a carton black/blue, with a number under the bar code that begins with 5. Second generation clearomisers are available in white packaging and will have a number under the bar code 8 begins.

From this publication, all kit blu PRO ™ retailed in the UK requires clearomiser retailed in the UK, or on our website. On our airistech herbva website you will find the correct clearomiser first generation in the “accessories” section, named “blu PRO ™ CLEAROMISER (PRO Kit 2015 Kit only)”. While the second-generation Blu PRO ™ kits sold online can be used with the corresponding clearomiser which is also sold online.

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