DIY Vapors – How to Fill Your Own Vaporizers

One of the most popular types of personal vaporizers are the Vape Tank. With the average person spending at least 60% of their time in a vehicle, it is no wonder why many people want a vaporizer that is small and convenient for carrying around. When I first tried to find an easy way to carry around my Vaporizer, I did some research. I found that there were two choices: either use a small bag or carry the Vaporizer in my purse or pocket.

vape tank

Carrying the Vaporizer in my pocket or purse made me want to constantly reach for it, which was very inconvenient. Another disadvantage of having to constantly reach for the coil was that I had to inhale through my fingers, making the inhale much more messy than it could have been with a larger coil. Also, if I were to spill any of the e-juice while the coil was still warm, I would have a hard time cleaning it up.

After doing a lot of searching, I found a neat little Vaporizer called Thetank that really solved both of these problems. The Tank comes in a sleek design that makes it perfect to carry. It is also small enough that I can easily get e-liquid from the bottom to the top with a simple twist of the top lid. The tank also has a built in filling system so that I don’t have to constantly worry about topping it off or trying to fill it again as I get older.

When you first get your Vaporizer, you should probably empty the coil and fill it back up with e-liquid so that it works best. To do this, unscrew the bottom section of the vaporizer and pull it straight up on to the coil. You will notice that the coil has now become cold and does not heat up over time, which is nice.

Next, place the coil onto the coil head. If you can’t seem to get the coil head on to the coil properly, then try heating it up with the microwave. This should give it a chance to fit better onto the bottom section of the vaporizer. To finish, place the entire coil into the vaporizer’s bottom section. Make sure that the airflow control is set to the highest setting. Turn it on and watch your e-liquid start to fill up in the tank!

After filling the tank, you may need to replace the drip tip if it is dirty or has come off in the process of vapour filling. If you are using a mod with an airflow control, then you may find it important to change this as well. You should now have the perfect little atomiser that lets you vaporise your e-liquid. The only real downside is that it doesn’t look as good as it did when you first bought it (if it even looks that good!) If you have decided to use the e-juice straight from the bag, you will still need to heat the wick as directed by the mod or the e-liquid will not mix properly.

After completing these steps, you will want to place the chimney flue and the bottom section back onto the mod. Reconnect the airflow control to its power cord. You may need to do this again if you are changing a battery or connecting anything else to the system. Finally, fill the tank section with the e-liquid you have just filled and screw the top section on. Then attach the drip tip and you are all set!

Some people prefer to use glass etchers to make a glass souvenir for their friends and family. If you have access to a large shop, this is a very simple mod to create. Simply use a glass cutter to cut the shape and wait a few hours to place the souvenir in the mod and enjoy! Alternatively, you can choose the simpler route and use your own cutting device. There is a vast selection of quality glass to choose from that will give you endless possibilities for your next DIY vapors.