How Do I Upgrade or Modify My Vape Tank and E-Liquid?

What exactly is a Vape Tank? A Vape tank is a Vaporizer device which contains anatomized reservoir of liquid and an atomized atomizer in one compact piece. Vape tanks are widely available on the market today and are easily refillable with your favorite e-juice of choice. If well maintained, a tank of vaporized liquid can last years and can even be refilled to hold more liquid. The vaporization process creates a very small amount of vapor for each bottle you may utilize.

vape tank

A Vape tank contains two parts: the bottom base that holds the liquid and the heating coil. The heating coil can be made of a variety of materials including glass, stainless steel, copper and other metals. You will want to select the material that best fits your preferences and your needs. The tank itself will also have several compartments to house the different components of your vaporizer such as the atomizer coil, the reservoir, the drip tip, etc.

To refill your Vape Tank, simply remove all of the components from the outer tube and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placing your refill kit into the tank. Once you have placed your kit in the bottom of your vaporizer, close the lid tightly. Place the heating element into the clearomizer. Turn the power to on and allow the vaporizer to warm up.

Why would I need to purchase a new Vape Tank after I have already purchased my vaporizer? Many vapers who first acquire a unit decide to upgrade to a larger size. Typically, a larger wattage increases the overall performance and efficiency of the unit. In addition, there are typically more vapor production than lower wattage tanks. For instance, an 80 wattage tank may only produce half of the wattage of a dual 80 wattage tank. A new Vape Tank can help you produce better tasting e-juices and make your personal clouds even more impressive.

Are there different types of Vape Tanks? There are basically two types of vapor tanks: standard and mods. Standard tanks generally hold two or three concentric coils that are wrapped around a base material. Modifications generally take the place of the heating element but may include upgraded coils, metal carbs, or ceramic chips. Most devices can use both types of modding, but a higher wattage mod will generally perform better.

What is the benefit of changing the actual components of my Vaping Mods or updating my vaporizer? While it is relatively easy to upgrade the heating element, the coils that control the vapor production may not be able to be changed. Some devices, such as the Merge 2.0, include an upgrade that allows the coils to be exchanged out. This will allow your vaporizing coils to be replaced with higher wattage coils that are designed to produce more vapor per second. Some of the best quality juices can only be produced with the highest wattage coils, so you can benefit greatly by selecting the highest wattage coils you can afford.

Will an upgraded or modified version of a Vape Tank reduce the price of my mod? Like any mod, most professional devices are very pricey. In many cases, you may need to purchase a custom made mod that will cost quite a bit of money. The price of a professional mod will also be affected by whether or not you buy the device through a dealer or online directly from a manufacturer. A standard or clearomizer can be purchased very economically.

How do I refill my new or modified Juice Tree? As most professional products, a standard or clearomizer should come with an instruction manual that will tell you how to refill your devices. If you choose to purchase an upgraded or custom built Vape Tank, you should check and see if your product comes with an instructional DVD. Many professional manufactures will provide a DVD that explains how to properly refill your vaporizers.