How to Unscrew a Coil in Your Vape Coil

The Vaping Coil is a new concept that comes from the minds of Vaping Artists all over the world. This new wireless system allows you to create smaller, more effective coils that are designed to produce huge clouds of vapor. Now, instead of having to use large double sized coils, you can make smaller, more efficient coils that will not only get you a great flavorful vapor, but allow you to create much less mess and debris. Here’s how the Vaping Coil system works:

vape coil

The first thing you need to do is find your mod and power source. You’ll want to use a mod with a stainless steel back plate for best compatibility. Next, you’ll need to find the wattage range you are working with. Once you have the wattage you want, you’ll need to turn off your mod and plug in your stainless steel coil.

The next step is to place your atomizer head into your mod. Make sure that the atomizer head is well within the drip area. Then, place the stainless steel coil into the top part of the atomizer head. This will allow you to make air flow into your coils. This will allow you to reach the proper voltage and temperature control for your vaporizer. In order to provide you with the most effective vapor experience, it is always important to follow the recommended wattage range for your mod and coil.

The final step in the assembling process is to connect your Ohm meter to your computer. Connect the wire from the battery to the Ohm reader. The Ohm reader will then tell you if your coil is producing the correct amount of watts or not. If not, you should check the Ohm wire for damage or if the wires are touching. If you see any signs of damage or if the wires are touching, it is highly likely that your mod is not set up properly and the wick may be leaking.

After you have successfully connected the Ohm meter to your computer, it is time to load your coil into the mod. You will notice that the Ohmeter will show accurate reading if you take a few seconds to focus on it and locate where your coils are located on the Ohm meter. The easiest way to find your coils is to place your fingers on the mod, move them in as shape and focus on each individual coil, then look at the Ohm meter. If the reading on the Ohm meter changes, this means that your coil is either too hot or too cold.

Now that you have successfully placed your Ohm meter and your coil into the mod, you are ready to assemble your new e-liquid tank. Place the pre-filled e-liquid tank into the tank and secure it with silicone. Then, place your new RDA underneath the pre-filled tank. Make sure that you place your new RDA under the e-liquid so that the e-liquid level is at its proper level. You will need to fill the tank to its proper level before putting your first bottle of e-liquid into the tank. If your mod has a top-fill design, then make sure to place your new e-liquid bottle into the tank and turn on your mod.

To provide the optimum e-liquid level for your customers, you will also need to install some cotton balls in the bottom of your RDA. By doing this, you will create the necessary air flow for your customers. A few vaporizer users believe that cotton ball air flow creates better flavor than normal air flow, but it is really a personal preference. Some papers also place their batteries underneath the pre-filled juices in order to help with battery life longevity.

Your new RDA should now be ready to use. The last step would be to remove your old coil from the tank and replace it with the new coil. Make sure to follow all instructions that come with your mod. When replacing the coil, do not simply take off the post as much as possible. You will end up damaging the inner workings of your mod and may cause it to not work properly when you are ready to install your new coils.