Uwell Vape Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pods Amulet Crown 4 review


Well Uwell Caliburn KOKO is the last vaporizer mod Well popular producer. They did a great job lately with some good tanks like the nunchaku, 4 crown and the crown 3 and the basket is very nice with good Caliburn and nunchaku sticks mod. Block 18650 battery is protected mod simple direct Squonk output with a charge function and a large bottle of 15ml with the pumping system. It is available in three colors of black sapphire, gray and blue. Elementvape 54.95 mod looks as good prices.

Specifications of the manufacturer:

Size – 93 mm by 49 mm by 25 mm

owner chipset

18650 High single battery Amp – Not Included

Watt maximum output: 90W

Shutter speed: 0.008s

The construction of the chassis zinc alloy

15ml capacity internal shocks resistant Squonking

Patented juice pump – 0.13 ml each pump

Intuitive fire buttons

BF 510 Squonking Pin

Log in stainless steel 510

Available in sapphire black, gray and blue

Included in the box:

BLOCK 1 Well Squonk box Mod

MicroUSB cable 1

1 User’s Manual



First impressions and features

When Mod, I am very interested because it’s been a long time since I found a DO (direct access) vapeciga uwell nunchaku and has a large capacity juice. The biggest I’ve seen in Squonk easy mod. Back to the year for the last time I checked one of them and wells asmodus oil 18. I also like the pump system and the way it is designed for one-hand with the pointer finger and the heat of the fire, both lefties and righties. My only complaint is subjective in the blue, I’m very ugly and is not a fan of black, but gray looks good image of the IMO.


This is the basic model without adjustment. I made a small series of tests using Sony VTC5A is fully charged. power depends on its building. 0.1 build 87 watts I can get (29 amps, 2,945 volts). 0.16 Soy 66 ohms accumulation Watts (3261 volts) with 0.21 ohms build have a 61 watt (3576 volts), and 0.62 ohms 24W accumulation arrived (3892 volts). If you use rebuildable want to build on what squonker Mech. It works as expected and is in line with the same modifications BF Luxotic Wismec little mods and Aspire feedLink ago. The only specification which is on the list of 90 watts (87 slipped so close but I would not recommend going that way anyway) and the minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm. It has a USB charger and manual recording level 1A and no pass-through. I did a quick test with USB charger online and get the highest level .96A rated so well there, but it was an indication and I suggest you only use it in emergencies and external load grabbed for normal use to minimize the risk damage and battery mod. Prevention is better than cure!

mod details

With an aspect go, I think it was a good overall design and paint in good mine, but is not a fan of blue signs on my own or black in the pictures, there seems little cringy for me. I like the look of one of the so gray. This is a simple design with rectangular panels on each side. shutter button is on the side and an LED have to charge the battery in it. It takes a pointer and works very well in pump right or left and show new Crown pods can be used with your thumb on one side. Very nice there. shutter button is nice and dislocation and gave me no problems. It can handle 25 mm of spray wash. 510 well, but is not centered, because the pumps are also at the top. This battery 18650 single mod, there is an option for a larger size. The battery compartment is accessible Trey pulling the base cover. I have not seen a design like this mod and IJOY lux to 2016. But it works well and is easy to get out and stay without rattling. Insert the battery is easy and will not damage the shell out. To get there is a hole “push” on the back to exit.

There is a battery meter, but not very well expressed. Cut Cell smooth and 3.2V recorded every meter presented here are high green, blue and red medium to low. I would like to provide more information and / or an additional battery this step LED. This mod also has all the standard protection.

details Squonk

The bottle comes with the property and unfortunately do not include a backup you want to do. This hard plastic bottle which was good because it uses a pumping system. The generous capacity of 15 ml. The bottle is easy to remove and recharge and do not have a lid. Simply pull the base cover, and then pull down the bottle and fill. then the pop-up. Super easy to do. There are also juices window is cut into the side so you can see the level of juice and bottle clear set if done very well out there. Complete pump system which they say is not .13ml pump (you use must start) is used, that sounds good. Most of the GDR I did about 5 pumps rewick. In Mjolnir, I will do 10-15 pump to fill so that sounds pretty good. juice back are not Suck some fans Squonk not, I personally as a dosing pump system easier and not more Squonk. In general, a system of Squonk very well done and good work with a large capacity. The only complaint is that I wish to include a stoppered bottle reserve, but it will be difficult for most people to kill 15 ml and there is a good chance your battery Uwell Caliburn Pods



manufacturing quality

Good paint job and panels

(3 colors in total)

Good size

no rattle keys

It works as it should

15 ml of high capacity


pump system good dosing

A nice big fire button

easy access to the shutter button and a hand pump Squonk

25 mm atomizers handle hunting

The load board 1A


there is no spare bottle

Bottle proprietary systems

The battery indicator can be better

Two colors (blue and black) ugly IMO


So with all that said, I recommend this mod or not? I do not like so hard or not, but leans toward him. Obviously, it was not the best option because it does not beginners fit, but if you like or adjustment (output type, but with mods protection mechanism) do not and want something with a large capacity juice is the way to follow. Have a limit of 15 ml of juice and really very nice recharge. I added to the spreadsheet linked below CER, feel free to check if you are in the market for something new.

Features and functions

Well 4 ohm secondary crown of the tank using standard tip 510 drops that can use your account to erase no adapters 810,510 mode only. Dripping Council does not have to be an O-ring as the friction adjustment does not work so be sure to select the 510 has its own signet ring it if you want to replace. You can also use 3 crown fine tips. Get code Uwell Amulet Vape is advanced with metal ring in black attached to the bottom. nice appearance and a little talent, but different from normal resin, we see today that some may like the simplicity and resin. All topics in this excellent tank. This is a very good reservoir built with good quality. coil system is pop style coil system as the third crown for slipping on the base. Just in his dressing room. It should be close to half empty tank in exchange coil. The airflow is 3 equally spaced large holes in the bottom. That’s a lot of air, easily done in DTL vaping. AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even the blessing of good mod for lumps in it and was at the top. Fill quite easily, so good size filling hole 4 and easy to fill with all kinds of bottles and can be poured into a glass bottle if you pay attention. The top of the stuffing with about 90 degrees to blow a great style, but with a crown 4 and the top and be a very slippery think even with blows cover part in it really difficult to manage and enter grave. It is because the largest and cover such time add a little texture to knurled to make it easier to understand. It is equipped with a tank capacity of 5 ml standard and the capacity of the reservoir bubble 6 ml.

Performance Coil

Now for the important stuff. How vape? It was supposed to be 4 options coils in all, I signed 3 as one of the four, who were listed as SS304 mesh coil seems to be so sure that this is something in the future or something that they would then n . “anyway I will focus on are available 3 options are, SS904L double coil 0.2ohm -. rated 70-80W, Ganda 0.4ohm SS904L coil – rated for 60-70W and 0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil – qualified for 60- 70W. comes only two coils choice is 2 SS904 mesh coil selection and coil. however, because the popular mesh these days and is better ohms secondary tank (not repairable lol) have bought a packet network . reel to also try the other coil SS904 that can be used in the TC mode assuming you have a mod that’s good for her (note: not all mods with control works very well temperature) did a post on its use in TC mode here, but the short answer is a TCR specific value should be mod 85. started with 0.4 ohm coil SS904. deent was only good for the taste and the best in the range of 70-75 watts so ranking well in the coils and little underestimated because normally we are Well, but I prefer many large companies on their reels. life is pretty good too, I met with 90 ml before his death. This is a bonus can be used on CT, but unfashionable who want to use the TC in the tank coil precast much better there. Then mesh coil i purchased separately. I found the best around 70-75 watts than the other coil so that once again a bit underrated, but good overall score. The taste is very good for a 70-watt coil mesh. Quite similar, but not as good as the coil Vape fireluke networks 60-65 watts so the same range. This is an advantage if the tank has a capacity of 6 ml of 2 ml capacity and not as thus less filling fireluke networks. Wise living again, I am so 90mls consistency on the reel. In general, a player who is very good with coil VAPE networks to 70 watts, and a viable option for TC with the coil without mesh.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope all of you can say the same and I will take the next revision.

rejection of the products

This product was sent to me Uwell Crown 4


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comments disclaimer

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has made over 300 comments from users. I like vapers Forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete, at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

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