Vaporushi Review – A Review of New Vaporware Products

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Vaporushi Review – A Review of New Vaporware Products

Recently I got to sit down and have a nice chat with Michael Fagg, the creator of the Vaporfect Vaporizer. We chatted about his thoughts on Vaporware, what is it about Vaporware that makes people so crazy, why he created a disposable puff bar, what is his secret ingredient and more. Enjoy this Vaporushi review, because in it I hope to tell you exactly how good this product is, and how it will benefit you as a vaper.

First, let me tell you who I am. I’m a Vaporizer fan. I own multiple pieces of Vaporware, such as the Vaporfect Premium Kit, the Vaporizer Magicius, and the Vaporizer Pro. I was very interested to sit down and have a chat with Michael, because he’s one of the most intelligent and passionate people I’ve ever met. And now I get to share his thoughts on Vaporware, and why he thinks disposable pens are a bad idea.

When we chatted, I asked him why he thinks Vaporware is a bad idea. His answer was simple. Because some people are just not able to do a smoothie, or something similar using a disposable. Basically, they want a flavor they are familiar with, or one that appeals to them on a deep level. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should have to settle for the same flavors everyone else is choosing, and there is also absolutely no reason that Vaporware shouldn’t be an option.

So Michael Fagg talked about how his Vaporushi review changed his mind. Instead of settling for bland tasting flavorings, he wanted to try and customize his vapor products. His solution: a “pen” style vaporizer that includes an assortment of different flavors that he can take with him. Instead of a disposable, he now carries around a nice pocket vaporizer that comes with different flavors and a cool looking shape to it.

After reading a Vaporushi review by someone who has tried out a pocket, I knew right then and there that this is something that could be really cool. If you’re going to use a disposable, why not use a high quality pen style to get your fix? The vaporizer pens that are available right now are amazing, I would highly recommend them as a way to sample new flavors.

A couple other things that caught my attention when reading vaporizoo’s Vaporushi review were the box mods and the salt nicotine flavors. Box mods look pretty neat (I’m a big fan of the blue mod) and they allow you to put in your favorite flavors in a really easy to open design. Not only can you put in your favorites, but you can also choose from fruit flavors too. These new products truly have taken the vaporizer market by storm.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the salt nicotine product line by Vaporushi really caught my attention. Now, if I had to choose between two of these new vapor products, I would choose the Salt Nectar flavour over the traditional sugar free gums and sweeteners. The salt flavor tastes like chocolate and gives you that salty sensation after you inhale it.

Overall, while there are certainly some negatives that come with the vaporizer line, overall I am very happy with these new products. The Vaporushi review I did was very positive, so I know you will be able to tell a lot of the same things from reading this Vaporushi review. There is a huge amount of potential with these new vapors, but I wouldn’t expect them to be selling as well as they have been at the moment.