Vapor – The Newest Wave of Vaping

If you are interested in making the best vaporizer and e-juice you can possibly find, you will definitely want to read some of the information I have written about Ijoy. Ijoy is an exclusive and exceptional quality electronic cigarette manufacturer. Ijoy is the pioneer of flavor control in vaporizers and is beloved by many vaporizers.

Ijoy Diamond 45W Kit The newest member of the Ijoy family, the ijoy diamond 45W is a revolutionary vaporizer that utilizes the revolutionary iJoy concept. This high wattage, high precision electronic device offers a great way to enjoy your favorite flavors while controlling how much nicotine you are taking in by means of an exclusive dual battery system. When using this model, you have the option to “set it and forget it”, which essentially means that the unit will not turn on unless you actually use it. This is done via a rechargeable, built-in, internally powered battery.

The ijoy starter kits are comparable to the higher end products found on the market today, but at a more reasonable price. The starter kits offer three pre-filled, durable glass jars with tulip petals inside. There is also a bag included to hold the herbs and spices used to prepare your favorite e-liquid blends. All three of the jars are designed to house the included liquids that come with the vaporizers, such as the fruit, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. All three are dishwasher safe, so there is no worry about them getting ruined during travel.

The VaporFi Mico Pod System is one of the newest additions to the Vape lineup and can be purchased alone or along with the other VaporFi starter kits. It is essentially two VaporFi starter kits in one, offering users an opportunity to create their very own personal vaporizer without having to purchase yet another unit. The VaporFi Mico Pod System consists of a special glass tabletop, complete with tulip petals that can be added to the sides. These are also dishwasher safe, making it a perfect unit to bring with you on the go. This Pod System comes complete with two pre-filled, individually packed, black, vanilla juices, a variety of herbal blends, and one blank insert card to customize the appearance of your own personal VaporFi unit.

The Vaporshield Plus The vaporware plus is a high quality device that has been designed specifically to aid vapers that are looking to produce top-quality results every time they reach for their pen. This Vaporware Plus comes complete with two pre-filled, precision-tuned, glass jars, two replacement air stones, two measuring cups, a book of quick start book, and the Vaporwave Plus USB charging cable. This item has been especially designed to allow the user to enjoy the advantages of a slow-charging electronic cigarette by allowing it to remain on the batteries for up to twelve hours while not in use. It also offers the ability to quickly transition from a plugged-in unit to being fully wireless, making it more versatile and useful than any other Vaping starter kits currently on the market.

The Vape Starter Kit: These two beautifully compact Vaporware products, the Vaporshield Plus and the Vaporware Vaporbox Plus, have all received rave reviews from professional vapers who have tested these in person. The Vaporware box mod has received the most positive feedback due to the fact that it allows the user to choose between two different chips, increasing their vapor production up to three times that of standard clearomizers. These two Vaporware products are priced at under one hundred dollars each, making them some of the best values in the industry.

The Art Of Vaping

A lot of people are beginning to wonder about the art of Vaping. Why is it that they do not use them to smoke like all other smokers? It has been discovered that Vaping is much more than just smoking a cigarette. You will also experience the art of Vaping with your very own e-juice kit. Cool-Aid is one of the most popular companies to partner with in creating these wonderful products for Vaping enthusiasts.

The art of Vaping

Vaping with Cool-Aid products can provide you with many benefits. Not only are they wonderful for helping to reduce or eliminate unhealthy chemicals in your body, but they are also made to be very easy on your body. You won’t have to worry about having to use several different products when you begin. Cool-Aid offers you the convenience of an easy-to-use preloaded cartridge system in addition to an amazing selection of quality e-juice.

One of the greatest advantages to using e-cigs is the fact that they are all natural. This makes them far better for you than regular cigarettes, and they help you stop smoking. You will find that you don’t experience any kind of nasty side effects like you would from smoking. The art of Vaping is about making something that is good for you – healthy and delicious at the same time! These products are all about providing you with a healthy alternative to smoking. If you were ever wondering about the art of Vaping, now you know!

There are many things that Vaping can do for your health and your life. You may be aware that there are many health benefits associated with Vaping, but did you know that you can also save money while you are enjoying those great tasting e-juice? This is due to the fact that you are saving a lot of money that would normally go straight out of your pocket while you are smoking. It is true, you can save a lot of money with the art of Vaping. The money that would normally be spent on smoking supplies can be put towards your new hobby – Vaping!

Another advantage of Vaping is the fact that it can be very discreet. You can use Vaping in the comfort of your own home and not have anyone around you who might be concerned. When you Vape it is not so obvious that you are doing it – so much so that people close to you might not even notice that you are Vaping. This could be a great benefit if you are working or studying and you need to take quick breaks every now and then. Vaping can be done anywhere and anytime!

So what are you waiting for? If you have thought about the art of Vaping but have been put off because you aren’t sure if it would be a good thing for you, don’t worry! Vaping is for everyone. Once you make the decision to try Vaping you won’t regret it!

How to improve e-liquid flavors in an hour?

Does e-cigarette use help to increase smoking cessation rate?

Does e-cigarette use help to increase smoking cessation rate?

whether e-cigarette use is related to smoking cessation attempts and successful smoking cessation, a study entitled “The use of e-cigarettes is associated with an increase in smoking cessation attempts in the past 12 months and successful smoking cessation” surveyed smoking cessation between 2006 and 2016 Try and quit smoking situation. Data extracted from two surveys based on the US population indicate that current use of e-cigarettes is indeed associated with an increase in attempts to quit smoking and an increase in success in quitting smoking.

  Researchers analyzed the 2006-2016 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and 2006-2007, 2010-2011 and 2014-2015 Supplementary Survey on Tobacco Use in Current Census (TUS-CPS) 25-44 Data for the age group. From the NHIS data, it can be seen that the number of e-cigarette users has increased in proportion to the number of people who have tried to quit and successfully quit. The TUS-CPS data has also produced similar results, indicating that e-cigarette use is related to the number of attempts and successes in quitting in the past 12 months. Quitting smoking is significantly related.

  The researchers pointed out that these findings are closely related to future tobacco policy decisions. However, just last week, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the smoking rate in the United States had hit a record low, but they refused to admit that the use of e-cigarettes may have played an important role in this regard.

  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the continuous decline in smoking rates in the United States for many years is attributed to the government’s tobacco control policies. Although they know that many people in the United States are using e-cigarettes, they do not believe that e-cigarettes are the key reason for the decline in smoking rates in the United States.

At the same time, a study based on the FDA-funded Tobacco and Healthy Population Assessment (PATH) aims to evaluate the effectiveness of e-cigarettes and smoking cessation aids. The results of the study show that e-cigarettes are the first choice for smoking cessation aids for smokers.

  ”Our research found that e-cigarettes are a more popular choice for smoking cessation than state-approved smoking cessation medical products. As a smoking cessation aid among American quitters, e-cigarettes are favored by the majority of smokers. In the future, as The continuous development of e-cigarette products makes the delivery of nicotine closer to the sensation obtained from cigarettes, and they may play a greater role in helping smokers quit smoking.” PATH researchers concluded timesvape dreamer.

  In fact, not only in the United States, but also in many other countries in the United Kingdom, electronic cigarettes have long become the most popular smoking cessation aid for smokers. According to the latest report issued by the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom, e-cigarettes are still the most popular smoking cessation aid in the UK. The report also emphasizes that e-cigarettes increase the probability of successful smoking cessation by about 50% and reduce health risks by at least 95%. . As people pay more and more attention to health issues, more and more people pay attention to the harm of smoking. Electronic cigarettes have no tar, no carcinogens, and no second-hand smoke because they have no combustion process. The language is closer to the demands of consumers and has been loved by more and more people in recent years.

How to improve e-liquid flavors in an hour?

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit Review

How to improve e-liquid flavors in an hour?

Vaping is the brand-new alternative to the traditional techniques of sense gratification. It creates the safe vapors that, upon inhalation, satisfy the cravings approximately a terrific level. Nevertheless, you may experience low-intensity and dull flavors due to a range of reasons. While the vape equipment‘s anatomical defects are the primary cause, it can be due to different things. As a result, you are less most likely to accomplish the much-needed hit throughout the vape sessions. With the best assistance and proper maintenance, you can bring the e-liquid tastes back to regular.

Here are the top methods to bring back the tastes and scent of the vape juice in an hour.

1. Vaper’s Tongue

How To Improve E-Liquid Flavor

One of the primary reasons behind the decrease in the e-liquid flavors is likely to be your tongue. Due to excessive vaping or usage of the very same taste all the time, you may lose the taste for that particular juice. In addition to this, it induces a significant amount of fatigue on your taste. All these elements contribute to a lessening of the aroma and tasting notes in the long run. In case you experience the vaper’s tongue, you need to take essential preventative measures. Start with drinking lots of water to bring the taste back to the normal condition. You may also consider the lime juice and black coffee to keep the vaper’s tongue away. Not only will it increase your gustatory perception, however it also improves the functions of your taste buds.

2. Evaluate The Wattage & Temperature level

Another element to think about for maximizing the tastes of your vape juice is the wattage and temperature settings. You might need to adjust your vape gear’s wattage settings to attain the most ideal one. Since taste ingredients trigger at various settings and temperature level conditions, it is. As the wattage of your e-liquid increases, the heat generated boosts.

The degree of heating that your vape device goes through is proportional to the taste notes. All you need to do is discover the sweet area for your e-liquid type.

3. Control Air flow

How To Improve E-Liquid Flavor

If yes, then you might require to re-align the vape gear. Your vape equipment produces giant clouds that take a toll on the tasting notes and deteriorate the vape juice tastes. All you need to do is close your airflow to increase the flavors up to a terrific degree.

4. Get A New Atomizer

Atomizers are an important part of your vape gadget due to many reasons. It works on the vape juice and transforms it into the vapors that you breathe in later. The vape world has numerous kinds of atomizers based upon the functions and ranges of vape gadgets. You might think about replacing your atomizer to improve the tastes with no troubles. Also, consider the bottom-coil atomizers that discharge vapors with a higher degree of flavors. In case you utilize the top-coil atomizers, you can get a brand-new atomizer to accomplish a remarkable tasting note in no time.

5. Top-Notch Storage

Not just does it maintain the flavors, however it likewise brings the preferred throat hit without any hassles. You might require to keep the vape juices from destruction by the proper aging procedures. As the age of your e-liquid boosts, so does the taste and scent.

6. VG/PG Ratio

Vape juices consist of specific ingredients like Vegetable glycerine and Propylene glycol. While the former produces thick, thick, and cloudy vapors, the latter might work on the flavor notes. If you wish to achieve the enlightening aroma paired with mouthwatering tastes, then fo for the juices including higher PG.

Bottom Line

Vape World is everything about the preferred gratification using flavors and vapors. You may need to do a few things if you’re a vaper who can not achieve the ideal tasting notes. Start with analyzing the vaper’s tongue and associated aspects. In case you have the condition, drink sufficient water and lime juice to bring the taste back. In addition to this, you need to change the wattage of your vape gadget to warm the atomizer to the wanted levels. With such changes, settle with the ideal VG/PG ratio to improve the aroma with greater PG levels. In the end, you might need to get a new atomizer and enhance the vapors filled with tastes and taste.

Another factor to think about for maximizing the tastes of your vape juice is the wattage and temperature level settings. The degree of heating that your vape gadget goes through is proportional to the flavor notes. Your vape equipment produces giant clouds that take a toll on the tasting notes and deteriorate the vape juice flavors. If you wish to accomplish the informing fragrance combined with tasty flavors, then fo for the juices including higher PG. Vape World is all about the desired gratification using flavors and vapors.

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit Review

What exactly is a box mod?

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit Review

The Pod Mod transformation is going into the end video game as they end up being Mod Pod’s, i think the switching of the words is based on the fact a 510 adaptor will (however as far as i understand isn’t yet) become available so normal atty’s can be utilized (but then i have adaptors for half my Pod Mods so absolutely nothing brand-new).

I do not have the best relationship with Voopoo but that has nothing to do with how i discovered the gadget or what i put in this evaluation which will be exclusively based upon my experience utilizing the Kit.

When it comes to Pod Mods Voopoo conserved the use of their premium brand name till bring out an item they feel worthy of it and here we are with 2 simultaneous releases the Drag X and Drag S which i don’t have but is an in-built battery variation.

The VOOPOO Drag X has a high-end construct quality and under the hood is the GENE.TT Chip giving extraordinary fire speed and immediate increase. The gadget like many of the Pod Mods is rather a simple Wattage just device which has Smart mode and RBA mode which can also be utilized simply to override the limitations enforced by Smart Mode plus the Blue screen is just so much nicer.

The other main feature and marketing direction is around the “Initial Rating Ranking Mode”, which was going to provide me the chance for a rant however although pointed out during the evaluation as many of the gadgets with this “childish” function will still remain in the market place it does appear Voopoo have realised what an own objective it was so Kudos for that. My new version has a completely brand-new screen and luckily the Score function has actually been sent to a Kindergarten for the 3 year old’s to play with in the sand pit, so let’s check out the Drag X!

Disclaimer: Although i said the Drag S is a built-in battery version of the Drag X don’t read this evaluation and assume the Drag S equals in it’s operation functions. Their are a couple of function distinctions, it has a various top wattage, has an Automobile draw alternative and includes various coil heads so if the Drag S interests you source evaluations for that gadget.

In The Box

1 × DRAG X Gadget
1 × DRAG X Replacement Pod( 4.5 ml/2ml TPD Edition).
1 × PnP-VM6 0.15 ohm.
1 × PnP-VM1 0.3 ohm.
1 × User Manual.
1 × Type-C Cable television.

Ergonomics and visual appeals.

The Drag X comes in cardboard packaging and even has a ribbon which works like a battery ribbon to raise the gadget with attached pod out of it’s compartment. The gadget is rather heavy and has a Zinc Alloy construction and padded Leather Spine with “DRAG” embossed into it.

All versions include a Gunmetal colour frame which obtains it’s looks from the complete sized drag with the Colour of the Spine’s Leather being various depending on which option you select. I got the Galaxy Blue version, the options are Carbon Fiber, Classic, Retro, Mashup, Chestnut, Marsala or Galaxy Blue.

The pod including mouthpiece is one single moulding, protrudes almost completely out the top of the device and is as good as clear for the function of seeing your e-liquid. On the face we have a Round concave fire button top then central colour screen, below the screen lined up vertically we have smaller round navigational buttons followed by a Type C USB port.

The rounded type aspect, padded spine and concave fire button makes this ergonomically sound, feeling comfy in the hand and in use!

Drag X Specs and Features:.

Size: 95 × 32.5 × 28mm.
Power Variety: 5-80W.
Capacity: 4.5 ml/2ml TPD Edition.
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0 ohm.
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2 V.
Battery: Single 18650 external battery.
Material: Zinc Alloy +PCTG.
Basic Coils: PnP-VM6/ PnP-VM1.
Suitable Coils: All PnP coil range.
New Generation GENE.TT Chip.
0.001 s Extreme Ignition.
Ingenious Infinite Air Flow System.
Initial RATING Ranking Mode.
5-80W Adjustable Power.
Type C USB.
Colours: Carbon Fiber, Classic, Retro, Mashup, Chestnut, Marsala, Galaxy Blue

The Pod.

The Pod for the Drag X is rounded and one total, as good as clear moulding consisting of mouthpiece. Most of the pod extends out of the device for good visibility of your juice so no issues there.

Taking a look at it’s circular base we have actually 3 equally positioned strong magnets and a silicone bung kept attached with a metal stud. The bung has a flap which is simple to lift to pull the bung out exposing a very generous fill port plenty huge enough for a fast, mess totally free fill.

The coil head simply gets press suited the pod as holds true with most of these pod mod pods!

Fitting The Pod.

The Pod Bay looks quite various to other bays i have seen. The bottom of the bay just has the round central area visible with the rest of the flooring which results in the airflow slots being obscured by the border having an upper metallic shelve for the pod magnets to draw in too. Taking a look at the bottom of the bay we have actually a raised main positive and external raised negative spring loaded contacts which aim to have a silicone seal.

The pod snaps into location and fits really firmly, the double negatives and metallic surround shelf design suggests the pod can be fitted without it needing to be lined up a specific way, good design!

The Coils.

Consisted of is 2 various coil heads none of which are pre-installed and both part of the Voopoo PnP range

The Airflow.

The air enters the coil head by means of it’s base and obviously the bore of the coil head it’ self has some bearing on the drag however the draw X does have quite a cool system to manage just how much air gets to the base of the coil head.

On each side of the device we have airflow slots with metal plates beneath that can slide to close down the openings. I like the idea and execution apart from the lever although not as crude is like a nail head sticking out which both catches on clothing and can come quite sharp, actually want the concept was kept however a lower profile more comprehensive lever was set up.

Fitting The Battery.

A single 18650 battery get’s fitted through the hatch door on the base of the gadget. Simply move the door forward and lift up, favorable is plainly labelled at the bottom of television but there is no marking on the underside of the door, this needs a clear unfavorable marking please Voopoo!

When the door is shut we have no movement or battery rattle whatsoever, a really great solid door!

The Show.

This is where my gadget will vary to earlier reviews as it now as a new display screen. If in Smart mode or Blue if in RBA mode, the Display is Vibrant and has either Red accents.

Leading left we have “CLEVER” or “RBA” depending which mode you are in and leading right we have the battery status bar. Then we have the set wattage with either an open or shut Green padlock icon to it’s upper right and the system “W” to it’s lower right. Beneath the wattage to the left we have resistance and to the ideal voltage.

The bottom half of the screen within rectangle-shaped accented areas we have vape duration and puff count info. In the upper section we have a vape period progress bar graph similar to a graphic equaliser in look and listed below the vape duration of your last puff given as a digital figure. The lower area offers both your existing day puff count and total puff overall.

” Original Rating Ranking Mode”.

My more recent production version fortunately does not have this childish and pointless feature, it provides rankings dependant on puffs which are called accomplishments. What were “Voopoo” thinking, they just can’t appear to control their urge to market towards the young which does the vaping industry no favours!

Mine still has both a daily and total puff counter plus a 14 day puff tracking system for those that do find monitoring their puffs beneficial, they do not require to be Bronze level or ranked as Iron or Platinum, thanks.

Operating The Gadget.

The Drag X is rather a simple device to utilize with just 2 modes that includes a smart wattage option. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to switch on and 5 clicks to shut off and it does boot up rather gradually compared to other pod mods i have actually evaluated.

As soon as on, fire and up together locks and opens the whole gadget so while locked the gadget will not fire, personally i prefer an alternative to just lock the navigational buttons however the Drag X lacks that choice.

Other mix button press functions are fire and down together resets your puff counter, both navigational buttons and fire together allows the time to be set and both navigational buttons pressed together displays the 14 day puff monitoring graph.

When in “Smart” mode the device detects the resistance of the coil and restricts the wattage to that coil heads upper suggestion, there is no lower limit. I was at the lower suggestions of the coil heads wattage range so what mode i was in actually made no distinction but the accents are Red in “Smart” mode and regardless of being a Forest fan much preferring Blue i had the device in “RBA” mode at all times! As you would expect the Drag X has several safety securities, a message is displayed on the screen if one kicks in!


Overtime Security.
Short Circuit Defense.
Overcharge Security.
Max Power Protection.
Over-current Security.
Temperature Security.
Over-Discharge Defense.
Reverse Polarity Protection.


As ever i only suggest charging in the gadget if it’s your only choice however if you do i am pleased the device both has Type C USB and the port is on the face of the device so it can charge standing upright.

No charge rate is given so i did charge the battery using the port and was rather dissatisfied that in spite of Voopoo’s marketing hinting at fast charge it in fact isn’t maximizing having Type C and is only 1.5 A max. It took my 2600mAh battery 2 hours each time i charged in the device, my mathematics makes that a typical charge rate of 1.3 A.

While charging good feedback is given up the kind of both a battery charging progress bar and the charge given as a percentage, the gadget does not support pass-through.

My Experience Using The Drag X Set And Thoughts!

I will get all the negatives out the method initially which to start with is ball game function which although the good news is mine doesn’t have there will still be plenty with the feature in the supply chain, what were Voopoo thinking particularly with their previous track record? Next is the air flow lever which resembles a nail head protruding, i get it caught on my pocket which likewise courses it to change and it is quite sharp, not deadly given however feel they could of done a much better task.

Likewise most will need to know how this behaves in regards to any dripping and i checked particularly for this. The bottom of the airflow slots and even the lever slot are lined up with the floor of the bay and you don’t get any pooling of liquid in the bay, if any leaking occurs it comes out all three slots. I found if the device is utilized moderately no dripping took place, so if you are not a chain vaper you should not have any concern however with the e-liquid getting hot through chain vaping then liquid did begin getting away through the slots and with this taking place if i continued vaping, what a mess, e-liquid all over!

I also felt charging could be quicker as i discovered it charged at approximately 1.3 A so a 1.5 A max charge rate which is disappointing but at least it has Type C, it likewise does not support pass-through but charging feedback is excellent.

Needing to get rid of the pod to fill is another con but far from a deal breaker and general i like how quick and mess free it fills, the excellent visibility of the juice inside and how firmly it fits in the bay.

Despite my misgivings about the airflow control lever i really like the style in general and it adapts to give a good variety of SRDL, RDL and loose MTL draws. Indeed it will shut down for a tighter draw and there are a number of MTL coil heads readily available however as it gets tighter the airflow gets turbulent unlike the smooth more open draws it provides so really not for MTL vapers.

The overall look, build quality and ergonomics of the device i love and in my opinion it goes to the top of the Pod Mod charts in that regard. I discovered the supplied coil heads gave above typical flavour however not actually near to the Freemax Autopod50 coils, but still great and quite a substantial range are readily available. I likewise found the two coil heads consisted of offered plenty of warmth in fact i discovered i chosen the 0.3 ohm coil at just 25w and the 0.15 ohm coil head at 50w both under their recommendations.

The biggest pro for the gadget aside from it’s build quality and looks is it’s performance giving a wonderful reputable vape. I make sure the fire button has an eye and can see my finger approaching it fires that rapidly and i also noticed a spike in power for the very first 0.5 seconds before providing a stable vape at set wattage, this spike along with the remarkably quick shooting response offers the result (i know many do not like the phrase however i’m going to use it anyway) of hitting tough which is what many a vaper searches for in a device, i found the Gene chip slightly tamed with the Drag 2 but it’s back kicking ass!

Compared with other pod mods best construct quality to date.
Actually good Leather spinal column colour choices.
Portable, ergonomic.
Quite heavy however in a comforting quality gave way.
Excellent exposure of e-liquid inside the pod.
Quick and mess complimentary filling.
Pod fits really securely.
No dripping if vaping moderately.
Outstanding airflow control system (see cons about lever).
Daily and overall puff counters.
14 day puff monitoring system.
Smart and RBA wattage modes.
Changes in 1w increments.
Sharp, bright, colour display.
Fires remarkably rapidly.
Instantaneous ramp up (boost spike initially 0.5 seconds).
Outstanding performance and dependability during screening.
Above typical flavour (comparable to other pod mods).
Smooth air flow across SRDL, RDL and MTL draws.
Suitable with entire comprehensive Voopoo PnP series of coil heads.
Accommodates 18650 battery.
Strong battery door, no motion or battery rattle.
Type C USB.
Great charging feedback provided.
Firmware upgradeable.


Immature Score accomplishment feature (not on more recent versions).
Airflow change lever sticks out like a nail head.
Will leak if chain vaping.
Quite sluggish charge rate especially for Type C.
Required to get rid of pod to fill.
Slow to boot up.
Can’t lock just navigational buttons.
Doesn’t support pass-through.
No battery orientation marking on underside of door.

The Pod Bay looks rather different to other bays i have actually seen. The bottom of the bay only has the round central section noticeable with the rest of the floor which leads to the air flow slots being obscured by the boundary having an upper metal shelve for the pod magnets to attract too. When in “Smart” mode the gadget discovers the resistance of the coil and limits the wattage to that coil heads upper recommendation, there is no lower limitation. As you would expect the Drag X has multiple safety protections, a message is shown on the screen if one kicks in!

The general look, construct quality and ergonomics of the gadget i love and in my opinion it goes to the top of the Pod Mod charts in that regard.

What exactly is a box mod?

In our steamer jargon, a box mod (or mod box) is any device that was not built in the usual cigarette shape.

Many devices just look like a small box, but today there is a large selection when it comes to choosing electronic cigarettes: from round to oval to square, there is nothing that does not exist!

Most box mods are devices where the user can determine the voltage or wattage himself. However, you should already have some experience with this, otherwise the best battery mods are also available as mechanical versions.

Almost all devices on the market today are variable in terms of wattage, which means that the user can determine the output in watts himself.

The smaller, cheaper devices usually have a maximum output of between 10-20 watts, while the more expensive devices have up to 220 watts, sometimes even more!

Vape Mods have outputs between 20-220 watts, sometimes even more. However, most vapers will never need such a high performance, these products are actually more for “show”.

A normal gasoline steamer is usually fully satisfied with an output of around 30-50 watts.

I hope I can help you a little bit in determining which box mod is most suitable for your needs.

Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank Review

Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank
Today we examine the brand-new Nautilus 2 by Aspire. The initial Nautilus Mini turned into one of the most popular mouth-to-lung devices of all time. We have high hopes for the Nautilus 2.

Great for MTL
2ml Capability
Secured glass
Cross series coils
Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank
The Aspire Nautilus 2 tank needs to have been one of the most awaited and hyped releases by a vape company this year. Aim even produced a lot of drama around its release and didn’t even release pictures of it up until the last minute.

The Nautilus 2 utilizes the initial 1.8 BVC coils, so it is cross compatible with the old Nautilus. They have also launched a. 7 ohm coils, so now the Nautilus 2 is also capable of sub-ohming. It’s great that Aspire is providing alternatives for both mouth-to-lung and sub ohm vapers.

I’m looking forward to this one … is this going to vape much better than the initial? Let’s find out.

2Specs & Features
Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank
Kit Content:
1x Nautilus 2 tank( Pre-installed a 0.7 ohm coil).
1x Bonus Coil( 1.8 ohm).
1x Additional Glass Tube.
8x Orings.
1x User Manual.
1x Warning Card.
1x Additional Drip idea.
Height: 53mm.
Diameter: 22mm.
Capacity: 2ml.
Material: Stainless-steel/ aluminum.
3Build Quality.
Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank.
There’s a lot to love about the Nautilus 2 design. The bell-shaped top is a throwback to the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini.

As with many of Aspire’s tanks, it is machined well with no crunching or shrieking of threads. The one huge design change over the initial Nautilus is that it is leading fill.

The other especially good touch is the center of the tank is not totally glass. The bell leading cap functions as a stainless steel shell, increasing and securing the glass toughness. The Nautilus 2 also comes with 2 drip ideas, one that matches the tank and the other is stainless-steel.

It’s a solid reliable superbly designed piece of package, and in the time I’ve been utilizing it, there’s been absolutely no dripping whatsoever.

Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank.
The Nautilus 2 is a mouth-to-lung tank and an incredibly good one at that. I was likewise impressed with the 0.7-ohm coils for direct-to-lung vaping– more on that later on.

Considering it uses the exact same coils as the original Nautilus, you ‘d think it just vapes like a Nautilus in an updated shell. However boy does that brand-new style make a difference. Aspire should have striven on creating the best design and airflow, particularly for mouth-to-lung vaping– The taste production is fantastic.

I found with the 1.8-ohm coils; I was getting the best performance at around 12-13 watts. Then with the 0.7-ohm sub ohm coils at 20-23 watts.

As somebody who likes both sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung vaping. I mainly stuck with the 0.7-hm coils; I actually took pleasure in the reality I was getting fantastic blasts of flavor and a decent amount of vapor without creating too much of a scene when I was out and about.

The only one negative in using the sub-ohm coils is you do go through a lot more juice, and with a tiny 2ml capability you’ll be filling this tank a lot. I get that Aspire have actually attempted to make it TPD certified and keep it a great compact style, and that’s great for the 1.8-ohm MTL coils. Simply be alerted if you are primarily aiming to use the sub-ohm coils.

That being stated, almost whatever about this tank smashes the Nautilus X in regards to efficiency.

Compact style.
Terrific flavor.
Perfect airflow for MTL vaping.
Safeguarded glass.
Looks fantastic.
TPD compliant.
Cross series coils.
Small juice capability (due to being TPD compliant).
Air flow control ring doesn’t click like the Nautilus Mini.
Overall, the Nautilus 2 is an outstanding MTL tank. It’s ideal for newbies and regular MTL vapers alike. With the addition of the sub-ohm coils, it likewise gives brand-new vapers the chance to look into the world of sub-ohming, and those coils perform admirably.

Strive took all of the very best functions from their initial, and made some excellent design tweaks. The Nautilus 2 was everything I was hoping it was going to be, and more.

If you are a MTL vaper looking for a brand-new tank. In my mind, the Nautilus 2 is the best option– this is among the very best mouth-to-lung tanks on the market right now.

The Nautilus 2 utilizes the initial 1.8 BVC coils, so it is cross suitable with the old Nautilus. The bell-shaped top is a throwback to the Nautilus and nautilus Mini. The Nautilus 2 likewise comes with 2 drip tips, one that matches the tank and the other is stainless steel.

Considering it utilizes the exact very same coils as the initial Nautilus, you ‘d think it just vapes like a Nautilus in an updated shell. Overall, the Nautilus 2 is an outstanding MTL tank.

Why e-cigarettes (VAPE) are recommended for boyfriends and girlfriends who smoke

Many of you may have a problem that you want to stop smoking your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, even if we talk about it, it is often difficult to quit smoking, or if we tell the other person without thinking, it will make the other person feel unwell, and the solution will not be very smooth. So, this time, I will introduce how to get along well with smoker’s boyfriend / girlfriend and non-smoker.

I want my favorite boyfriend / girlfriend to quit smoking

GC Smelling Countermeasures 1 1 520

There is no lie in the feelings of love for boyfriends and girlfriends, but there are many people who really want to quit smoking if possible. If you continue dating with such dissatisfaction, you may reach the limit someday. If you think about the future, start by firmly addressing your partner’s smoking issues. On top of that, it is important to grasp the relationship with your lover and move in a direction that is mutually convincing. First of all, I will introduce how to get your boyfriend / girlfriend to quit smoking.

First, ask the smoker’s boyfriend / girlfriend why he smokes.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes, first ask why you smoke. You may be able to understand the feelings of the other person by asking why. You may also get a hint to quit smoking for some reason. For example, let’s say stress is the reason for smoking. Currently, stress is released by cigarettes, so if stress can be released by methods other than cigarettes, it may be possible to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Looking for things you can do together, such as exercising, karaoke, and eating delicious food, will deepen your bond even more. On the other hand, if you like smoking and you smoke, you may want to avoid forcing it to quit. It’s painful to stop doing what you love, and forcing it to stop can crack your relationship. If you have a reason other than smoking, look for a way to do it, and if you like the cigarette itself, look for another compromise.

Straightforwardly say “I want you to quit smoking”

If you think about going out with your boyfriend and girlfriend seriously in the future, it is important to tell them straight, “I want you to quit smoking.” However, depending on the person, you may feel denied and get angry, so be careful when saying it. It will stop what is important to the person who has smok so far, so when you tell them to stop, tell them in good faith. I will try to convey my feelings, such as thinking about getting married in the future or wanting to stay with me for a long time, and hitting the feelings that I want you to quit smoking. However, it is important to be more careful when communicating delicate content, such as the smell of a kiss. On the other hand, the person who takes that feeling firmly is proof that you are thinking about you so seriously. Let’s cooperate as much as possible for the other party. Especially if your boyfriend or girlfriend decides to quit smoking, we recommend that you work hard with a three-legged race so that you can quit smoking.

If you still can’t quit smoking, set rules

GC Smelling Countermeasures 1 2 520

Even if you ask them to quit smoking, they may refuse. Also, even if your partner declares that you will quit smoking or takes a positive attitude toward quitting smoking, it may be difficult to suddenly quit smoking that you have been using for a long time. In that case, set rules and ask them to quit smoking gradually. By setting rules, you can raise awareness about smoking cessation. Here, we will introduce an example of specific rules.

Prohibit tobacco only when you are together

The easiest thing to understand is to ban smoking when you are together. For example, it is important to clearly explain the reason, such as “If you smoke while you are in the room, the room will smell, so please stop.” Also, in the dining scene (restaurants, bars, etc.), let them know that smoking in front of you makes you feel uncomfortable. Please also tell us that smokers will stand out. And let’s take that feeling and remember to thank our partners for trying hard to follow the rules. It is important not to take it for granted, but to respond to the feelings of the other person as well.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are recommended for boyfriends and girlfriends who smoke

If your partner still can’t quit smoking with the above methods, it’s a good idea to try e-cigarettes (VAPE) instead. Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) sold in Japan are zero in nicotine and tar and do not have the odor peculiar to cigarettes. Therefore, it is recommended not only for those who want to quit smoking but also for those who want to reduce smoke and quit smoking.

Electronic cigarette (VAPE) that satisfies the psychological needs of men and women

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) satisfy the psychological needs of smokers. If you are looking for a cool smoking gesture or a relaxing effect for smoking, e-cigarettes (VAPE) can be used as an alternative to satisfy those desires.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can also care for the smell and health of cigarettes

E-cigarettes (VAPE) with zero nicotine and tar are recommended as a substitute for cigarettes because they do not generate the unpleasant odor peculiar to cigarettes. In addition, it has less impact on health than cigarettes, and it can be said that the benefits in the long run are great.

The top 5 facts about the new GeekVape Aegis Mini in a detailed review

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Vape Kit

The Aegis Mini Kit from GeekVape is a continuation of the popular Aegis series, which so far contains the original Aegis and the Aegis Legend.

With the Aegis Mini, the sophisticated steamer now has a super handy version that still doesn’t have to do without quality, features and performance.

In the following chapters I will go into detail on the most important facts so that you can get an idea of ​​them for yourself.

# 1 The Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit – This is included

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Box Mod Kit

You are used to quality from the renowned manufacturer Geekvape. And that is definitely reflected in the newest member of the Aegis family – the Geekvape Aegis Mini.

At first glance, the device makes a very high-quality impression, which is also confirmed on closer inspection.

The following scope of delivery is included in the KIT:

  1. 1 x Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod
  2. 1 x Cerberus tank with 5.5ml
  3. 2 x Super Mesh X2 Coil with 0.3 Ohm (one of which is already installed and one as a replacement)
  4. 1 x replacement glass, 4ml
  5. 1 x pack with spare parts (various O-rings)
  6. 1 x USB cable
  7. 1 x instruction manual

# 2 Design and construction of the Aegis Mini Kit

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

The first thing you will notice when you have it in your hand: Wow – it’s easy!

Not only the pure, handy size, but above all the extremely light weight leave many vapers with an astonished look and open mouth on their first test run.

This impression is confirmed if you look at the specified weight: the mod with the built-in battery weighs just 120 grams!

Those who have already had experience with the original Aegis will find their way around very well, because the Aegis Mini is actually an exact replica of the predecessor, just much smaller.

The materials used make the Aegis Mini Kit the ideal companion for on the go, because everything is very robust and valuable, so that even a small fall on the floor will not be a problem.

The handle has beautiful leather applications with seams on the back, the corners and edges are rubberized or protected with silicone.

This makes the Aegis Mini both fall-proof and water and dust resistant.

# 3 facts and figures – what kind of performance can you expect?

The Aegis Mini only needs a blink of an eye of nine milliseconds to provide its full 80 watts of power.

In addition to high speed, the new A5 chipset also enables precision and reliability.

Both titanium and stainless steel, SS316 and Nickel 200 are supported by the temperature control.

The Cerberus tank included in the kit has a capacity of 5.5ml, so it is sufficiently designed so that the Vape liquid supply does not stall too quickly.

With a removable top and infinitely adjustable airflow, the Cerberus is a stable tank that tastes very good thanks to the excellent mesh atomizer heads.

# 4 Information about the Aegis Mini’s battery

When it comes to the battery when vaping, there are always two fundamentally different camps.

On the one hand there are the representatives of the exchange battery, and on the other hand those who can also make friends with a permanently installed battery.

The battery of the Aegis Mini is permanently installed. Point.

You can’t change anything and have to get used to this type of construction, so some friends of the interchangeable batteries will certainly see this as a negative point.

On the other hand, in my opinion, the built-in battery fits the overall concept of the Aegis Mini.

This is clearly designed for outdoor use, robustness and value, and you have that with a permanently installed battery than with unprotected exchangeable batteries.

An indisputable plus point of the battery, which is sufficiently designed with 2,200 mAh, is the fast charging technology, with which a full charge is possible in just one hour.

An 80% charge can even be achieved in just 30 minutes.

# 5 A look at the Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Box Mod

The mod is extremely handy and fits perfectly in the hand. This of course also ensures that the buttons can be operated perfectly.

Both the fire button and the respective menu buttons are easily accessible with both hands. In the basic setting, all standard values ​​are clearly shown on the display.

The brightness of the display can be adjusted simply and easily via the menu.

The display is on the side of the mod and of course all important modes such as power, VPC, TC, TCR and bypass are available for display purposes.

The mod is also well equipped in terms of security and offers numerous other security features in addition to overheating protection and protection against short circuits.

Conclusion with advantages and disadvantages of the Geekvape Aegis Mini

Actually, there are no tangible disadvantages of the Aegis Mini, because in my opinion they don’t exist.

If you now think of the basic discussion about permanently installed batteries vs. If you refrain from changing batteries, you will find it difficult to find negative points.

Only perhaps the fact that a micro-USB instead of a USB-C adapter has to be used for charging can be listed here.

The advantages, however, are unmistakable. The Aegis Mini is simply unbeatably handy and therefore the perfect companion for on the go and for work, without having to forego comfort and performance.

It should also be mentioned positively that there are some spare parts and accessories in the kit from the manufacturer.

It is not necessarily a matter of course that such an extensive stock of spare parts will be delivered, and even a replacement head for the atomizer is included.

So if you don’t like the standard bulb glass, you can also fill up enough liquid with the 4ml replacement head.

And the biggest plus point, in my opinion, is the quick charge function, which – I guarantee you – you would not want to be without any future vaporizer.

I would be very surprised anyway if this would not become the absolute standard in all devices in the future, because the advantages are undisputed.

Why does yooz leak liquid?

Why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid? Many users of yooz grapefruit have long been troubled by the problem of Vape leakage, so why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid? To understand this, we must first figure out the cause of yooz pomelo leakage.

  1. Why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid?

In fact, liquid leakage from electronic atomization is a relatively common phenomenon, and the mainstream electronic atomization products currently on the market basically have such problems. It can be said that if you choose electronic atomization, you must accept and understand such a phenomenon. This is not a question of which agency or brand. It is a common industry problem, and yooz vape pod system grapefruit is no exception.

In fact, in many cases, the liquid leaks when the manufacturer sends it to the distributors, and the distributors are helpless. Under normal circumstances, slight liquid leakage in the cartridge is a normal phenomenon, as long as you open the package and wipe it clean and install it, it will not affect normal use.

  1. Is it condensate or leaking liquid?

Another situation is that condensate will appear during the operation of the atomizer, which is mistaken for leaking by the user. Therefore, we must first learn to distinguish the difference between condensate and smoke liquid.

How is the condensate produced? Generally speaking, the smoke liquid is not inhaled after being atomized. The PG (alcohol fusion agent) in the smoke liquid is condensed in the air to form a liquid containing a small amount of smoke liquid. Inhalation will eventually taste sweet and irritating. Let everyone mistake it for leaking liquid. The color of the condensed night is dark brown, and the liquid leaked by the smoke bomb is mainly light yellow, which is still very different.