Comment about vaporesso coils gen target Vape renova mod

I received a gene vaporesso swag

 the purposes of this review.

color mod gen:

  • Dark blue
  • Black
  • Green Black
  • dark purple
  • Red Black
  • Gold
  • money

Specifications and features:

  • Dimensions: 93.5 x 53 x 27mm
  • Display: 0.91 “OLED screen
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Power Range: 5-220W
  • Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Resistance Range: 00:03 ~ 5O
  • The new chipset Axon
  • 2.5A fast charging system
    ECO Power Mode and DIY –
  • an innovative mode and pulse mode TC SMART

In the frame:

  • USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • User Guide

So renova zero pods comes in several colors very good very good in my opinion. mod good build quality and everything is as it should be, and rubber coating is resistant to scratches. In my opinion mod easy to use, but remember that this mod is slightly higher, rounded edges and I like the feel of luxe s mod.

Button and shoot the other buttons worked fine and had no problems. In this mod, you can use a 26 mm diameter atomizers, which for me is more than anything else. This connection is raised slightly to the right. Mod small screen and someone like that is not on the screen, we have all the information we need and remember that you can adjust the brightness, I can say that you can see everything with an excellent display. mod support load balanced, but as always we recommend charging the batteries in an external charger.
This mod is not complicated to use and supports multiple operating modes, personally I like the way vv work, but probably many want another way to work here. I also really like the shoes selection screen.
Gen mod works very well, I use my dl aerosol Mtl here and want to use the vw start of the heating mode with normal work and the use of vv fashion so far no problem.

When the screen is on, you can see:

  • The battery indicator
  • Coil Resistance
  • Time hojaldre
  • W
  • process

To enter the menu, you must hold the menu button or click 3 times on the menu button.
From the menu, you can see:

  • Pulse Mode
  • Green energy
  • TC Intelligent
  • DIY Fashion
  • Game system
  • Exit

If you choose the DIY way you can see:

  • Vw
  • Vt
  • Vv
  • CCW
  • Shortcut
  • Sp

If you choose sets the system, you can see:

  • against the coup
  • Brightness
  • Intelligent vw
  • Behind the screen
  • Auto eco
  • default
  • Version: when

At the click 3 times on the shooting button locks the keys, but you will be able to use the trigger to open the buttons you need to do the same. When you press the menu button and fire, you can see the version of the software, chips and serial number.
How these devices work and my thoughts:

vaporesso target pro feeds two mod 18650 and work to 220W. set dimensions of 93.5 x 53 x 27 mm and can be said that the device is very convenient to use, especially since the rubber layer and rounded edges.

I really like the design of the MOD and I thought it was very nice, this mod is available in several different colors are very nice. On one side of the mod, you can see “Vaporesso” on the other side you can see the Mod logo and background you can see the “Gen”. mod good quality build, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the mod here and excellent resistance to scratching.

From the top you can see the relationship mod over on a good connection and do not have a problem. Here is a gold-plated pin spring 510. As this mod is placed in the middle and I think a lot of desire. In this mod, it can be used up to 26 mm diameter lovely sprays, aerosols used to access up to 25 mm diameter.

On one side of the mod, you can see the battery cover. Remnants of the battery cover in place because of the magnet and the battery cover is held in place perfectly, nothing is playing very well. At the top of the battery, you can view the location and you will use this slot to release the battery cover with your fingernail. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the battery orientation is recorded and can easily put the batteries into the mod and can be almost easy to take out the battery. Under the battery cover, you can see the sculpture “Axon Chip” and “Designed by Vaporesso”. When the battery is inserted and when the device is shaken mod can not hear the tinkling very good.
From the front of the mod, you can see also the menu button and the shutter button is less and you can see the screen and USB.
In this device, the USB port is used for software updates, but you can also use this device to recharge this battery is compatible with load balanced, but as always, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.
shutter button fires prominent and dislocation, which went smoothly, knobs and buttons work too well dislocation.

To activate it you have to click the shutter button 5 times, you should do the same to activate the mod output.


– Someone does not like the color of the shutter button


– Good build quality

– Choice of colors

– Group remains very good in places without playing any

– I love design

– You can adjust the screen brightness

– You can rotate the screen

– Maintain zero

– comfortable to use

– Button worked well

– Easy to use

– The percentage battery indicator

– atomizers 26mm

– Operating mode

– balanced load

– Mod worked well

thanks Buybest

You can buy it here: vaporesso coils

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