The top 5 facts about the new GeekVape Aegis Mini in a detailed review

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Vape Kit

The Aegis Mini Kit from GeekVape is a continuation of the popular Aegis series, which so far contains the original Aegis and the Aegis Legend.

With the Aegis Mini, the sophisticated steamer now has a super handy version that still doesn’t have to do without quality, features and performance.

In the following chapters I will go into detail on the most important facts so that you can get an idea of ​​them for yourself.

# 1 The Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit – This is included

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Box Mod Kit

You are used to quality from the renowned manufacturer Geekvape. And that is definitely reflected in the newest member of the Aegis family – the Geekvape Aegis Mini.

At first glance, the device makes a very high-quality impression, which is also confirmed on closer inspection.

The following scope of delivery is included in the KIT:

  1. 1 x Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod
  2. 1 x Cerberus tank with 5.5ml
  3. 2 x Super Mesh X2 Coil with 0.3 Ohm (one of which is already installed and one as a replacement)
  4. 1 x replacement glass, 4ml
  5. 1 x pack with spare parts (various O-rings)
  6. 1 x USB cable
  7. 1 x instruction manual

# 2 Design and construction of the Aegis Mini Kit

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

The first thing you will notice when you have it in your hand: Wow – it’s easy!

Not only the pure, handy size, but above all the extremely light weight leave many vapers with an astonished look and open mouth on their first test run.

This impression is confirmed if you look at the specified weight: the mod with the built-in battery weighs just 120 grams!

Those who have already had experience with the original Aegis will find their way around very well, because the Aegis Mini is actually an exact replica of the predecessor, just much smaller.

The materials used make the Aegis Mini Kit the ideal companion for on the go, because everything is very robust and valuable, so that even a small fall on the floor will not be a problem.

The handle has beautiful leather applications with seams on the back, the corners and edges are rubberized or protected with silicone.

This makes the Aegis Mini both fall-proof and water and dust resistant.

# 3 facts and figures – what kind of performance can you expect?

The Aegis Mini only needs a blink of an eye of nine milliseconds to provide its full 80 watts of power.

In addition to high speed, the new A5 chipset also enables precision and reliability.

Both titanium and stainless steel, SS316 and Nickel 200 are supported by the temperature control.

The Cerberus tank included in the kit has a capacity of 5.5ml, so it is sufficiently designed so that the Vape liquid supply does not stall too quickly.

With a removable top and infinitely adjustable airflow, the Cerberus is a stable tank that tastes very good thanks to the excellent mesh atomizer heads.

# 4 Information about the Aegis Mini’s battery

When it comes to the battery when vaping, there are always two fundamentally different camps.

On the one hand there are the representatives of the exchange battery, and on the other hand those who can also make friends with a permanently installed battery.

The battery of the Aegis Mini is permanently installed. Point.

You can’t change anything and have to get used to this type of construction, so some friends of the interchangeable batteries will certainly see this as a negative point.

On the other hand, in my opinion, the built-in battery fits the overall concept of the Aegis Mini.

This is clearly designed for outdoor use, robustness and value, and you have that with a permanently installed battery than with unprotected exchangeable batteries.

An indisputable plus point of the battery, which is sufficiently designed with 2,200 mAh, is the fast charging technology, with which a full charge is possible in just one hour.

An 80% charge can even be achieved in just 30 minutes.

# 5 A look at the Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Box Mod

The mod is extremely handy and fits perfectly in the hand. This of course also ensures that the buttons can be operated perfectly.

Both the fire button and the respective menu buttons are easily accessible with both hands. In the basic setting, all standard values ​​are clearly shown on the display.

The brightness of the display can be adjusted simply and easily via the menu.

The display is on the side of the mod and of course all important modes such as power, VPC, TC, TCR and bypass are available for display purposes.

The mod is also well equipped in terms of security and offers numerous other security features in addition to overheating protection and protection against short circuits.

Conclusion with advantages and disadvantages of the Geekvape Aegis Mini

Actually, there are no tangible disadvantages of the Aegis Mini, because in my opinion they don’t exist.

If you now think of the basic discussion about permanently installed batteries vs. If you refrain from changing batteries, you will find it difficult to find negative points.

Only perhaps the fact that a micro-USB instead of a USB-C adapter has to be used for charging can be listed here.

The advantages, however, are unmistakable. The Aegis Mini is simply unbeatably handy and therefore the perfect companion for on the go and for work, without having to forego comfort and performance.

It should also be mentioned positively that there are some spare parts and accessories in the kit from the manufacturer.

It is not necessarily a matter of course that such an extensive stock of spare parts will be delivered, and even a replacement head for the atomizer is included.

So if you don’t like the standard bulb glass, you can also fill up enough liquid with the 4ml replacement head.

And the biggest plus point, in my opinion, is the quick charge function, which – I guarantee you – you would not want to be without any future vaporizer.

I would be very surprised anyway if this would not become the absolute standard in all devices in the future, because the advantages are undisputed.

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