With the Vandy vape Jackaroo Apollo Kylin Widowmaker for review

I accept the paradox of the Vandy Vape Jackaroo for the purposes of this review.

RDA paradox comes in two colors:

– The corrosion of iron

– Black


Material: SS

Length: 23.5 mm

Diameter: 24 mm

Capacity: 1.5 ml

In the frame:

Vandy Vape Kylin RDA

– Bedrooms

– coil

– 510 advanced drip

– drip edge drop PEI

– 510 Adapter

Vandy Vape Widowmaker RDA

Paradox will receive a recommended pre-installed with 810 at the tip and drip nose is very good Ultem drops drops 810 feet, can also be used here more you drop a daily dose of 810 advanced smoothly. Tip leakage is very convenient to use, dropping point elevation is 6 mm, the diameter of the tip of the dropper is 15 mm. In this package, you will receive a further decline at the end of 810 drops with few keys. decrease in the maximum height of 6 mm in diameter is 18 mm, in my opinion, better and you want to use. You can also use here 510 drip tips with the adapter included in the package, a beautiful falls way you will receive 510 sophisticated, so if you want to use the 510 drip tips, I can say it was a good performance in the GDR and practical for use, this fall end altitude of 12 mm diameter is 11 mm.

In the room you can see the air flow in two places, to solve the aerodynamic change parts. As I carved above the room it was much easier and you can adjust the smooth airflow. In the GDR, we have a cap, which is very good and the room was not going to play forever and also help a lot when you want to open the top of the MOD RDA. An airflow of 4 holes here at the base, two holes on one side and two holes on the other hand, can use the GDR with two open holes on one side and two open holes on the other side, or simply being able opening a hole in each side. This space has a conical shape which is very nice, whcih is good for taste.

The second O-ring at the base contains a good room. Building a tire is gold and here, in the construction of the platform, can be seen the two screws securing the cable. The screws are good, no problems with screws. To use the coil complex here, it can be easily, locking screws can be driven smoothly. Basically, you can see two holes on each side of the air stream, and here we have the air flow ring, I’ll show you a picture of how it works. RDA airstrike on accurate coil that can be seen in the image.
Generally up reel in a bag, you can see all the characteristics of the coil is a coil Clapton three Fused, 26ga x 3 + 38ga, Ni80, the coil diameter is 3 mm, the resistance of the coil is equal to 0, 2 ohms electrical coil is advisable 38-55w. Yuo can play with the position of the coil, can put the coil into the slot air flow, how the air to reach the coil on both sides can also be higher square slightly coil as a coil of air to the part bottom and sides and, of course, be rotated position, which means that the air flow to remove the coil as below, I prefer the first two forms. Place the coil here is very easy and I will not be a problem to put a coil in the construction of the platform is very simple and easy. Because of the design of the RDA should be careful and need to be cut very close to the thread portion can affect children if you are not careful. Basically, you can see two screens where you can put the tools and wheel position more easily, which is very good.

With paradox RDA receive a regular pin 510-pin and receive a Squonk, so it can be used with the usual spray mods or if you prefer you can use with Vandy Vape Apollo.

or used with the usual modifications can flow through the peaks and drops because the coil is placed right in the middle, the liquid will be directly through the coil and a lot of juice, lots of juice 1.5ml capacity is not bad but because of the design must be careful when droplets may leak.
If you want to use RDA with mod Squonk, I can say that it works well, removed very well, but here, of course, be careful, because if Squonk can run but never happened to me, if used due to work for themselves, of course.
Now I’m on a roll packages in the construction of this bridge, positioned so that the air can remove the coil and slightly lower against the best in my opinion and would like to use this way. Steam is dancing, smooth, has a very good sense for you. air flow when fully open, which I loved, and it was very good for me, I use it with 4 holes open 50-55w. difficult airflow, very smooth air flow is uncertain. If you like interesting RDA limits that could be good for you because it works very well and can use the holes on each side, which will provide tight dl attractive with good taste.

Vandy Vape Jackaroo RDA is new, with a very attractive design. Paradox is a single coil RDA RDA. I like the package, the package will receive 3 tips drip, drip two points 810 and 510 tip drops. Also in the package you will receive a coil, which is a big plus for me. You can buy this RDA in two different colors, black and stainless steel, received a paradox in stainless steel color.


– Nice design (subjective)

– The camera has a conical shape

– Screw Large

– excellent taste

– 3 Tips leak in the package

– have an outlet chamber

– Excellent build quality

– Easy to put a coil

– Very nice and smooth airflow ring

– dense vapor

– Manufacturing quality

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